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Phoenix Ceiling Water Damage Restoration

Ceiling water damage is most often caused by a leaking roof, an overflow in the bathroom or laundry room, or supply line leaks from appliances.

What to do if Water is Leaking from the Ceiling?

Immediate Action Steps

  • Move furniture and belongings out of the way.
  • Place buckets, tarps, or other containers below the leak to catch the water and prevent further damage.
  • Find the source of the water leak, if possible.
  • Stop the flow by shutting off the main water supply to your home if it is a pipe leaking.
  • Make repairs. You may need to patch a hole, repair an appliance or fixture, or tighten hose connections. If you feel it’s too much for you to handle, call ATH Restoration right away for an inspection.

After You’ve Stopped the Leak

Begin drying out and cleaning the area thoroughly. Use safety equipment such as a face mask, gloves, and goggles.

Assess the damage. Depending on the extent of the damage, be aware of a possible ceiling collapse.

Do You Have Serious Ceiling Water Damage?

Get in touch with AZ Total Home for 24/7 emergency services if you have severe ceiling water damage. We’ll come out for an inspection and let you know next steps. It may include water damage remediation or reconstruction.

Don’t delay, because leaving ceiling water damage unresolved can turn into larger problems. For instance, in some cases, mold only takes 48 – 72 hours to grow and could produce toxic spores that spread through the air inside the house.

The water damage could also cause electrical wiring shorts (a fire hazard), wood rot that diminishes structural integrity, or even exposure to asbestos.

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Watch for Signs of Ceiling Water Damage

Sometimes, the leak is slow and steady or intermittent. Watch for signs of hidden water damage.

  • Water stains or yellow-brown spots on the ceiling.
  • Cracking, peeling, or bulging paint or plaster.
  • Hairline or spiderweb pattern cracks.
  • Swollen door trim or window casing.
  • Appearance of mold in the corners.
  • Sagging ceiling tiles.
  • Separation of wallpaper, baseboard, or trim from the walls.

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Other Causes of Water Damaged Ceilings

Check for Clogged Gutters

The Phoenix monsoon season is hard on your gutter system. Sticks, leaves, and other debris can build up and prevent the flow of water away from your home’s siding and foundation.

The overflow of water can seep through your walls and roof.

Check the Condensation Line from the AC Unit

Air conditioners are another culprit for water leaks in Phoenix homes. The A/C unit collects condensation and channels this moisture out of the home through special piping. Sometimes this pipe gets clogged.

The result is water dripping into your attic, which seeps into the ceiling, over the roof support lumber, and down the walls of your home.

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Phoenix Ceiling Water Damage Tips

Homeowners’ insurance statistics tell us that an average of 2 in every 100 homeowners experience some sort of water damage each year.

Since Phoenix has a population of over 1.7 million people, including nearly 600,000 occupied homes, we Arizonans deal with a lot of water damage events.

  • Prevention
    It’s important to keep up on regular maintenance of your home’s roof, plumbing, ventilation, and insulation in order to prevent moisture buildup and water leaks.
  • Insurance Coverage
    Water damage to ceilings can cost thousands of dollars to repair. Homeowners’ insurance doesn’t always cover the loss. If the cause is from a lack of maintenance or normal wear and tear, they can deny the claim. So don’t put off the repair of a slow leak or “sweating” walls.
  • Professional Equipment
    A small leak may dry out on it’s own, or with the help of a household fan. But bigger ceiling water damage events require industrial-grade humidifiers and fans, along with the expertise to dry out the area properly. In that case, call AZ Total Home Restoration to handle it for you.

We’re ready to help with all your damage restoration needs. At the first sign of a water damaged ceiling, call Arizona Total Home Restoration for 24/7 emergency roof leak repair service.

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