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Water, Mold, Fire, and Asbestos Restoration Near Phoenix, AZ

Do you need help with Phoenix water damage restoration? The need for water damage cleanup is caused by natural disasters, storm damage, plumbing issues or broken pipes, sewer backups, or fire damage.

Our goal is to respond to your emergency quickly, save you money, protect your safety and property, and prevent further damage. We're licensed, certified, and insured, we offer a 3-year workmanship warranty. Get support during your insurance company claim through mitigation guidance, direct billing, and deductible assistance.

Arizona Total Home Restoration services offers turnkey solutions for water, fire, smoke, and mold damage, asbestos, related laboratory testing, contents pack-out, and rebuild or remodeling.


Water Damage is an Emergency

  • Toxic mold can grow within 48 to 72 hours.
  • Bacteria in the water spreads rapidly throughout your home.
  • Property damage gets more expensive to repair or isn't salvageable with every passing day.
  • Hidden threats put you at risk such as electric shock, poor ventilation, and loss of structural integrity.

What Should I Do While I Wait for Help?

1. Safety first!
If the water-damaged areas include electrical appliances, stay out of the area. Don't risk electrocution.

2. Stop the flow of water!
If there is a burst pipe, turn off the water main. If there is a roof or plumbing leak, put a bucket under it.

3. Salvage your property!
Remove light pieces of furniture, keepsakes, electronics, and other belongings out of the path of the water. Put aluminum foil under the legs of furniture you cannot move.

Common Cause of Water Damage

Sewage Backup, Supply Line Leaks, Leaky Pipe
Sewage cleanup is the most dangerous type of emergency water damage. It is dirty wastewater from bathroom water damage. Other sources of wastewater originate from areas of your home like laundry rooms, and kitchens.

Learn about the sewage cleanup process and how to prevent a sewage backup from happening at all. Are you a snowbird or planning a vacation? Follow these water damage prevention tips before leaving home for an extended period.

Storm Damage and Flood Damage
Have you suffered light storm damage or devastating destruction from an Arizona monsoon? We provide emergency response to help you recover quickly.

Our initial assessment includes addressing safety concerns, answering your questions, and recommending a plan of action. Browse our water damage restoration company gallery or view water damage FAQs to learn more.


Did You Experience a House Fire?

Hot flames do plenty of damage alone. But using water to put out the blaze creates a need for emergency category 3 water damage restoration.

In addition, smoke and soot penetrate your belongings and the building materials untouched by fire. These pollutants make smoke odor removal and specialized fire restoration a necessity. Arizona Total Home Restoration experts can help you determine what can be salvaged after a house fire.

What Should I Do After a House Fire?

  • Do not stay in the area while the smell of smoke is present.
  • Do not clean walls, furniture, and fabrics with soot on them.
  • Do clean metal surfaces as soon as possible (door knobs, cabinet handles, stainless steel appliances).
  • Place clean towels or old linens on rugs, upholstery, and carpet traffic areas.
  • If the electricity is off, empty the freezer and refrigerator and prop open the doors to avoid mold damage.
  • Avoid hidden threats such as electric shock, toxic mold growth, poor ventilation, and loss of structural integrity.

How to Prevent House Fires

The NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) estimates there are over 35,000 home fires every year. Most fires start in the kitchen (see kitchen fire safety) and because of the misuse or malfunction of electrical systems (see 6 ways to prevent electrical fires).

Consider smart home devices and install the best smoke alarm. Practice appliance fire safety and put prevention tips in place to avoid the culprits that start most home fires. Browse fire damage FAQs for more information.


Do You Suspect a Mold Problem?

Most retail home mold test kits are not effective. They don't accurately measure airborne particles or identify the type of mold.

What Should I Do if I Suspect Mold?

It's essential that you avoid the spread of airborne mold spores.

  • Do not touch or disturb visible mold.
  • Do not expose mold to drafts of air.
  • Do not run your HVAC system. It may send mold spores airborne to contaminate the entire house.
  • Contact ATH Restoration Services in Phoenix immediately for a professional assessment and laboratory mold testing.

Signs of a Mold Problem

Mold hides in high-humidity, moisture-heavy areas like bathrooms, kitchens, behind drywall or appliances, and even in air ducts and A/C units. Watch for signs of common areas of mold in your home.

  • A musty odor that doesn't go away.
  • Water damage (even if mold isn't visible).
  • Visible patches or streaks. Mold shows itself in green, black, brown, pink, or white.
  • Mold allergy symptoms such as sneezing, coughing, a runny nose, eye irritation, rashes, or difficulty breathing.

DIY Mold Removal
When you see bits of mold growing in the grout around the shower or inside your washing machine, try these hints on how to kill mold properly in your home.

Also browse our 17 mold prevention tips to avoid this hazard altogether. Are you concerned about a serious mold problem? Get a free consultation for certified Mold Remediation and water damage restoration services. See mold problem FAQs for more information.


Is Asbestos Hiding in Your House?

This potentially lethal fiber is low-risk when undisturbed, but once it becomes airborne, the health effects are devastating. Per EPA asbestos law, asbestos testing is required for all residential properties built pre-1979 and for all commercial property regardless of the year built.

When Should I Test for Asbestos?

Get professional asbestos testing or lead paint testing before starting projects like:

Remember that inspection, testing, and asbestos abatement are often first steps in fire and water damage restoration situations, too.

We take careful samples of various building materials in your home and send them to our independent laboratory for testing. We can typically present results within 24 to 48 hours.

Arizona Total Home asbestos removal services include hazardous waste haul-away and turnkey demolition through reconstruction for licensed restoration company renewal of your property.


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