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Water Damage

Do You Have Water Damage or Flooding in Your Home or Business?

Whether it’s from a busted pipe or severe weather, all water damage is upsetting, it harms people, and it causes property losses. Arizona Total Home Restoration, an experienced water damage restoration company, responds to your call fast – and helps you confidently and safely move through the restoration, remediation, and recovery process with expertise.

We respond FAST, because water damage is an emergency!

Arizona Total Home Restoration recommends monitoring your residential property for water damage and conducting frequent water damage inspections of your commercial property. The faster you notice potential problems, the sooner you can address them. This means less disruption to your personal life and business operations – and more money in your pockets.

When there’s no obvious evidence of water issues, such as standing water, these are water damage signs to watch, listen, smell, and feel for:

Arizona Total Home Restoration provides expert water damage restoration services to Phoenix, Mesa, Tempe, and the surrounding valley. Contact us today for a free quote.

Types of Residential and Commercial Water Damage We Handle

Arizona Total Home Restoration provides emergency water damage restoration services for residential homes and all types of businesses, such as office buildings, apartment buildings, hospitals, schools, manufacturing plants, warehouses, large retail stores, etc.

Water damage can show up from many sources and in many places. Here’s a list of examples:

Our extensive experience coordinating with property and operations managers gives us excellent insight when meeting the unique needs of business owners.

There’s no residential or commercial water damage project we can’t remediate and restore, so contact Arizona Total Home Restoration today!

Water Damage Restoration Process

Every water damage project is unique, but our 8-step restoration process allows us to create an efficient and effective restoration plan for every situation.

Step 1: Property Inspection

Step 2: Source Identification

After identifying and stopping the water source, we determine the water contamination category –

White water is a clean water source that doesn’t pose a threat to humans. It becomes contaminated when contacting the flooring, other building materials, or the soil at the property. Examples include water from burst water pipes, vertically falling rainwater, or a cracked water-supply hose from a washing machines.

Gray water has some contamination that could make humans uncomfortable or ill. This water can degrade and become hazardous if not remediated in a timely manner. It can also pose problems if rising temperatures promote the growth of harmful microorganisms. An example is slowly-leaked water from a dishwasher over time.

Black water is toxic to humans. Consumption of black water will cause serious illness or death. Sewage is an example of CAT3 wastewater produced by people. Flood waters from rivers and streams that generate surface water flowing horizontally over the ground into you property are other examples of CAT3 water.

Step 3: Outline Safety Considerations

Step 4: Property Protection and Demolition

Step 5: Water Extraction and Dry-out

Step 6: Testing

Step 7: Cleanup

Initiate professional cleaning with antimicrobial, antibacterial, disinfectant, and deordorization treatments. Here are key points about the safety of the products used –

Step 8: Repair and Restoration

You can trust Arizona Total Home Restoration with your residential and commercial property – you’re in good hands!

Water Damage FAQs

• Focus on safety – stay away from standing water and electrical appliances to avoid electrocution.
• Stop the flow of the water – turn off the water main, place a bucket under a visual dripping leak, use towels or absorbent to slow the spread of the water.
• Salvage your property in a safe manner – remove light (in weight) pieces of furniture, keepsakes, electronics, and other personal items in the path of the water. Place aluminum foil beneath the legs or base of the furniture to heavy to move.

• Residential property owners should consider waiting for our technician to assess the water damage. We can help with the entire insurance filing process, and possibly assist with the deductible (up to 50%).
• Commercial property owners should follow the specific instructions of their policy. We can help with the insurance claim process.

Do-it-yourself water damage clean-up is not recommended. We have access to the proper tools and equipment, and we have experience with all types of circumstances.
• We use industrial-strength, specialized equipment to remove water and humidity.
• You could spread unseen mold sports to unaffected areas of the property.
• Professional lab testing is easier to access and more economical for our company than it would be for you.
• Our goal is to save you money and trauma by protecting your safety and property as quickly as possible.

Arizona experiences between 40 – 100 floods each year, with the summer monsoon season being the most frequent source of the floods.

  • Refer to the National Flood Insurance Program (at https://floodsmart.gov ) for the explanation of flood water.
  • Contact your insurance carrier to understand the coverage differences and fine print surrounding for flood damage and other water damage.

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How Can We Help?