Phoenix Fire Damage Restoration Services

Fire, Water, Soot, and Smoke Damage

Flames aren’t the only thing damaging your home and personal possessions in a house fire. Damage from smoke, soot, and the water used to put out the house fire also happens. This is why you need professional fire damage restoration services to return your home to its original condition.

Common Causes

Damage from house fires often occurs when families are away on vacation or not at home.  Other home fire causes result from human activity, like a dryer fire or kitchen fire.

Damage Beyond the Flames

Smoke and soot from a fire penetrate throughout the property affecting things untouched by the fire’s flames. The presence of pollutants, along the need for smoke odor removal, make specialized fire damage restoration a necessity.

If water was used to contain the fire, you have flooding and other water damage clean-up as well. Besides the potential compromises to the building’s structural integrity, this water, known as Cat 3 water or black water, is filled with health hazards. Don’t risk your health by entering an unsafe environment.

Fire Damage Restoration Services

Arizona Total Home Restoration provides the following Fire Restoration services:

We work closely with your insurance company to help coordinate your claim and mitigate damages.

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Got Us Through a Stressful Christmas Fire!

As an HOA Manager, I have used Arizona Total Home Restoration for individual units in the past and was very satisfied by the professionalism and promptness that I received throughout the years with Nathan, Shauna and crew. Twenty-five years in the business and nothing had prepared me for a building fire two days after Christmas. It took ten hours for the fire department to put out the fire. We lost twelve units with dozens of residents homeless. I had a big mess on my hands. I called Shauna and Nathan right away. Within hours Nathan was out to assess the situation and help me start the process of getting the lives of dozens of homeless residents back together. Nathan had gates delivered the next day to protect the property (I would have never thought to do that). Nathan also helped me create a contact sheet for all the homeowners, renters, insurance reps, city and fire chief that would need to be in the loop. Without the help of the whole company, specifically Nathan and Shauna, I would not have gotten through a really stressful time. Because of the loyalty and professionalism I received from Arizona Total Home Restoration, I will never use any other company for my restoration needs.
Bethany F. - Phoenix, AZ

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What Should I Do After a House Fire?

Here are some guidelines to help you protect your property and your health after a house fire:

Get away from smoke AND the smoke smell!

Smoke particles stay in the air for days.  HEPA filters or masks should be worn to protect from carcinogens in the air.

Stay out of harm’s way.

Once your family and pets are out of the building, don’t enter burned area until you are sure it is structurally safe.

Do NOT try to clean walls, carpets, and fabrics yourself.

Smearing soot and grinding it in makes it more difficult and even impossible to remove.  We have special equipment and cleaners to remove soot and smoke.

Once safe to enter the property:

  • Protect floors and furniture: Place towels or old sheets on high traffic areas of carpet and over upholstered furniture.
  • Refrigerator/Freezer: If electricity is off to refrigerator and freezer- empty it, wipe out the inside and leave the door propped open to prevent mold growth and odors from developing.
  • Clean metal surfaces: As soon as safe to enter the area, wipe soot off affected metal surfaces to prevent acids in soot from pitting them. (Doorknobs, cabinet handles, stainless steel appliances)

After professional emergency remediation has been completed, further fire damage restoration services are necessary very quickly to return air filtration and air exhaustion/ventilation to a safe, odor-free state.

Contact ATH Restoration for a free onsite assessment, consultation, and action plan to help you recover as quickly as possible from fire damage in your home.

I would recommend this company. Nathan was great and was on time and did what he said he would do. I needed to trust someone and I am glad I trusted ATH. I would use them again. 5 Stars.
Beverly K - Phoenix, AZ

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