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Roof Leak Repair in the East Valley

The roof of your home takes a beating during Monsoon thunderstorms, often accompanied by haboobs, heavy winds, and microbursts that blow off shingles and tiles. Storm damage is the #1 reason for roof leak repair in Arizona.

How Do I Know If I Have a Roof Leak?

Sometimes, it’s obvious. For instance, water pouring down your interior walls! Another distinct sign is yellow staining on the ceiling.

Other Interior Signs You Need Roof Leak Repair

  • Cracks in the ceiling
  • Sagging ceiling
  • Discolored walls
  • Bulging ceiling or walls
  • Mold and mildew
  • Higher utility bills
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Signs of a Roof Leak on the Exterior

  • Missing, broken, warped or peeling roof shingles
  • Slow-draining or clogged gutters or downspouts
  • Loose or worn roofing material around the chimney or vents

While it’s tempting to try to repair the leak yourself, it's dangerous. And keep in mind that D-I-Y repairs may invalidate your roof's warranty.

Top Notch!


We had a major leak in our roof and found out the extent of the damages after the copious amounts of water came flooding in!


Nathan is amazing and went out of his way to come and assess the damage. This was that evening!


By morning he had his team there and rolling out the drywall to protect my vulnerable husband and his fragile medical condition to not make the mold spores out!


What an amazing guy and his customer service is top notch! He knows what to do and how to take care of you.


Please please use this company for your home damage needs!


You won't be disappointed!
Miss R., Chandler, AZ

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Miss R's Chandler Roof Leak Repair

How to Contain a Roof Leak

If water is visibly dripping, or you observe bulging walls or ceilings with discoloration, place a bucket under the suspected leak. Use a screwdriver to pierce the center of the bulge. Allow the water to drip into the bucket. This action relieves the pressure on the ceiling and wall caused by water pooling behind it.

If you know where the leak is on the roof and feel comfortable accessing it, you can put a temporary tarp over it. But this is a potentially dangerous task, especially during bad weather. We recommend calling ATH for 24/7 emergency service so our experienced team can handle it for you with the right tools and equipment.

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I used the team for a water leak from the roof. Nate and the team were amazing at coming out within an hour to cleanup the fallen ceiling and the attention to detail was AMAZING. The process of rebuilding the inside of the house was seamless. I highly recommend Arizona Total Home Restoration.
Phil G.

What Kind of Damage Occurs from a Roof Leak

  1. Ceilings:
    Discoloration, staining, growing algae, mildew or mold, breaking apart, and falling onto the floor.
  2. Walls:
    Water behind the drywall causes a dull gray discoloration. There could be bulging and cracking, peeling paint.
  3. Insulation:
    Most often it’s attic insulation that becomes damp and moldy. Damaged insulation must be replaced.
  4. Floors:
    Besides a dangerous slip and fall hazard, floors that absorb a lot of water become uneven and sag. Your flooring, whether it’s hardwood, carpet, vinyl or tile will sustain damage and most likely need replacement.
  5. Personal Possessions:
    Your furniture, artwork, photo albums, clothing, appliances, electronics and other property often cannot be salvaged after sustaining severe water damage.
  6. Structural:
    Wood rafters, floor boards, beams, and wall studs become weakened and eventually rot or grow mold.
  7. Windows and Doors:
    Water damage causes gaping frames that sometimes make windows and doors stick shut.
  8. Fire Hazard:
    It seems counter-intuitive, but water from a roof leak can cause a house fire! Water drips down into walls and gets into electrical outlets. It can infiltrate junction boxes, exposing water to live wires which then emit sparks igniting nearby materials. An electrocution hazard comes from electrically charged water.

The Danger of Waiting for Roof Leak Repair

By the time you see the visible signs that indicate a roof leak, a lot of damage has already occurred. Stop the leak and repair the damage as soon as possible to prevent more costly damages to your home.

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