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Home Water Damage FAQs

  Why should I call Arizona Total Home Restoration immediately? Where there’s water damage, there is always a risk that mold will start growing. In fact, you only have 48-72 hours before microbial growth could start. That’s not a lot … Read More

3 Reasons to Have Good Homeowners’ Insurance

Homeowners Insurance Property Damage Claim When a property damage disaster strikes, and you need to file a homeowners’ insurance claim, the last thing you want to hear is that you must pay for some or all damage out of pocket. That is why you want to research and find a good homeowners insurance company for insuring your … Read More

Mold Problem FAQs

What is Mold? Mold is a spore that is naturally found in the air indoors and outdoors. When the environment is wet or humid, the spores can start to grow and reproduce, causing health issues in your home or business. … Read More

Fire Damage FAQs

Why do I need to take care of fire damage so quickly? You’d think that once the fire is put out, the damage is done, right? Wrong! Smoke, soot, and water from putting out the fire further damage your property … Read More

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