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Washing Machine Water Damage

Washing Machine Water Damage

The national average claim for water damage caused by washing machines is over $5,000. And that’s after paying the deductible.

You can avoid financial headaches and physical damage to your property by taking steps to prevent washing machine water leaks.

Common Causes of Washing Machine Water Damage

Supply Hose

Washing Machine Water Damage Near Phoenix, AZ - ATHAlmost 50% of all water damage from washing machines is a failure of the water supply line. Supply hoses get brittle, which leads to cracking. Leaking water speeds up the damage.

Replace hoses every five years, at a minimum. They are inexpensive, so do it even if you don’t notice an issue.

Hose Damage During Installation or Relocation

Handling the supply hose can lead to hairline cracks. Moving the washing machine to clean behind it, for instance, can cause water line issues.

Identifying Washing Machine Leaks

If you notice the leak during the wash cycle, but before the spin cycle, it shows an internal leak.

You have a drainage problem when you see water on the floor around the washing machine during the spin cycle, or after the appliance switches off.

How to Prevent Washing Machine Leaks

  • Never exceed your washing machine’s capacity.
  • Don’t overload the machine as it puts a strain on the internal components, leading to loose valves, brushes, and caskets.
  • If you suspect a leakage problem, shut off the intake valve behind your machine. If you have trouble locating it, read the instruction manual or turn off your water main.
  • Replace your intake hose every five years.
  • Hire a plumber to clean out the drain line (perhaps back to the main sewer line) if the drain overflows.

Get Emergency Help for Home Water Damage

Many systems and appliances in your home may cause water damage. Water heaters, bathroom plumbing, sewage backups, dishwashers, and even washing machines destroy flooring, drywall, furniture, and personal items.

We can help with insurance mitigation and full service water damage restoration. Contact Arizona Total Home Restoration for a free inspection.

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