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Phoenix Sewage Cleanup

Cat 3 Wastewater Remediation

Sewage is the most dangerous type of water damage and should be considered an emergency. Not only does it cause flood damage in your home, but it is grossly unsanitary and often happens while you're away from home. It contains pathogens that can make you seriously ill or even cause death.

Sewage is considered wastewater originating from toilets and bathroom fixtures, bathing, laundry, kitchen sinks, drain lines, and similar dirty water that is produced in households and public places.

There are three categories of wastewater:

Category 1 (Clean water)

Cat 1 water is clean when released from its source. It does not pose a threat to humans. However, as it mixes with things like soil or building materials, it becomes contaminated. Time and temperature also promote the growth of microorganisms (fungi, bacteria) that cause it to degrade. Examples include burst water pipes and leaking appliance lines.

Category 2 (Gray water)

Cat 2 water is already contaminated and could cause sickness or discomfort in humans as it may contain bacteria and viruses. Time and temperature further degrade it. Examples include a bathroom water damage, washing machine overflow or toilet overflow (with no feces).

Category 3 (Black water)

Cat 3 is the most serious. It is contaminated to the point that is could cause serious illness or even death. Examples include toilet water containing feces, flood waters from rivers and streams (storm surge), or standing water that is already supporting microorganism growth.

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Sewage Cleanup Process

We do far more than deal with a dirty, disgusting mess. Safety is our first concern. We'll assess structural integrity, shock hazards, and health concerns. We'll identify the source of the sewage damage and make necessary repairs.

Next, the cleanup process begins. It may include the following steps:

We may use dehumidifiers, air scrubbers, and other equipment. Protective gear is essential to protect ourselves from infectious, hazardous waste.

Proper containment of the areas of your home unaffected by sewage is put in place. After demolition, we thoroughly decontaminate, dry out, use antimicrobial cleaning agents, disinfect, and deodorize.

If bathroom mold is present, a full mold remediation may be required.

Before reconstruction begins, we will prepare by take samples of building materials and from various surfaces in your home to test for air quality. This ensures your home has been returned to a safe and healthy environment.

Our condo was flooded by a sewage backup from the upstairs neighbors. The unit was completely uninhabitable. Nathan came out on a Saturday night during Labor Day weekend to assess the situation. He was prompt, professional and courteous. We highly recommend this company if you need restoration services in the Phoenix area.
Vince - Chandler, AZ

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