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Mold Problem FAQs

Mold Problem FAQs - Question Mark

What is Mold?

Mold is a spore that is naturally found in the air indoors and outdoors. When the environment is wet or humid, the spores can start to grow and reproduce, causing health issues in your home or business. Mold will spread and consume the materials in your home or business.

Mold Problem FAQs - Question Mark

How can I identify a mold problem?

Mold can cause black or greenish splotches in damp areas like walls, ceilings, or floors. Even if you just smell a musty or unpleasant odor, we recommend that you get it inspected.

If your bathroom toilet has overflowed or sink leaked in the past and it wasn’t dried properly, you can have a mold infestation in the walls and not be able to see it at all.

Mold Problem FAQs - Question Mark

Can I clean up mold by myself?

If you suspect a mold problem, call Arizona Total Home Restoration immediately. Mold grows very quickly and can make you or your loved ones ill.

You can do more harm than good by trying to clean up mold without the proper equipment. If mold-filled walls are opened up without taking the proper precautions it can spread spores all over your house.

Mold Problem FAQs - Question Mark

What can the experts do better than I can?

Mold remediation experts, like the team at Arizona Total Home Restoration, know how to take care of the mold problem without spreading it further and making it worse.

We contain the work area and keep it under negative air pressure to make sure that even the air stays clean and fresh.

We can also perform mold testing in different areas of your home to confirm where we should focus our work, and to determine when the amount of mold spores in the air has returned to normal levels.

We are certified for residential and commercial mold inspection and testing. See before and after photos of our work in mold removal.

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