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Fire Damage FAQs

Fire Damage FAQs Question Mark

Why do I need to take care of fire damage so quickly?

You’d think that once the fire is put out, the damage is done, right? Wrong!

Smoke, soot, and water from putting out the fire further damage your property and must be treated professionally for a successful restoration.

Pollutants, odor removal, toxic mold, and structural integrity all make fire damage restoration an urgent necessity.

Fire Damage FAQs Question Mark

What should I do before you come?

  • Call your insurance company to start the claims process.
  • Begin collecting information about damaged items to submit to the insurance.
  • Document all the damage caused by the fire.

Fire Damage FAQs Question Mark

Are there things to avoid doing?

Don’t try to clean it up yourself. In fact, regular cleaning, like throwing curtains in the washing machine to try to remove the smoke, will do exactly the opposite. It will seal in the smoke and make it impossible to remove.

Fire and smoke damage needs to be treated in specific ways to remove the soot and smoky smell and pollutants from your property and personal belongings.

Only a fire damage restoration expert will know exactly which methods to use for which materials.

Fire Damage FAQs Question Mark

Can my personal property be restored?

It will depend on the circumstances what can be salvaged after a house fire. Arizona Total Home Restoration uses industry standard techniques to restore fire and smoke damaged furniture, clothes, and other personal property.

Fire Damage FAQs Question Mark

Do I need to move out of my property during the restoration?

We will do our best to minimize your inconvenience during the restoration. However, only you can decide if you wish to live in your fire-damaged home for the duration or if you might do better moving out briefly.

In a lot of cases, insurance companies will assist with a temporary living situation until the damage has been repaired.

Arizona Total Home Restoration is licensed, bonded, and insured for your protection.

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