Is My Air Conditioner Causing Water Damage Or Mold?

Air conditioners are a common cause of water damage in Phoenix area homes. Removing excess moisture in the air is an important role of your AC system. When a step in that process is disturbed by a clog or leak, your home suffers water damage and mold problems.

Why Is My AC Leaking Water?

The culprit is usually an overflowing AC drip pan or a clogged AC condensation line. Other causes of AC-related water damage include a broken condensation pump, damaged or misplaced drip pan, dirty air filter, or low refrigerant levels.

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-Mindy M

How Do AC Drain Line Clogs Happen?

The air handler installed in your attic pulls heat and humidity from the indoor air, cools the air, and distributes it throughout your home.

It sends excess moisture (water droplets caused by the temperature change) into an AC drip pan in the attic, which drains through a condensation line outdoors.

Dirt, dust, and other debris can easily block the drain line. An example of the AC leaking water is when blown-in insulation gets into the drip pan and clogs the drain pipe. The pan eventually fills up and overflows, leaking water into your ceiling and walls.

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Many of our Arizona customers first notice a lot of water dripping out of the AC condensation drainpipe during monsoon season.

Besides structural water damage, continuous moisture creates the perfect environment for mold to thrive. Mold spores settle in your ductwork, and the HVAC system blows them throughout your home. Learn how to prevent mold in air ducts and the AC unit.

Can I use my AC when water is leaking?

You should turn the air conditioning off.

Running it could cause damage to the system. And it’s essential to stop the flow of water to prevent further property damage. 

Wipe up visible water and Contact Arizona Total Home Restoration for emergency service. We’ll guide you in where the AC water leak originated, how to stop it, and what should be done to repair the damage.

Signs of an AC Leaking Water

  • Water stains on the ceiling
    Don’t paint over brown or yellow stains on the ceiling. It’s a clear sign of the AC leaking water, a roof leak, or another moisture issue that will continue causing damage if left unattended. Watch for other signs of ceiling water damage.
  • Swelling drywall
    Drywall swelled with moisture causes cracks and sagging, especially along the ceiling. The walls may also bulge, warp, or soften.
  • Interior paint problems
    Paint and moisture don’t mix. Look for peeling, flaking, and bubbling of your paint finish.
  • Puddle on the floor
    You wipe it up, but the puddle mysteriously returns. If it’s the AC leaking water, you might even hear dripping or slowly running water as it flows from the attic, down the inside of the wall, under the trim, and out onto your flooring.
  • Odor
    You might notice a strong musty smell when you’re near AC vents or run your air conditioning.
  • Allergies
    Chronic signs of nausea, headaches, sneezing, itchy eyes, sore throat, or respiratory issues are signs of mold in your home.

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Protect your home and your health, and save money in the long run, with quick remediation and restoration when water damage occurs. The longer water remains, the more your property is damaged. Call us before you call your insurance company. We will assess the damage, determine repair costs, and help you file an insurance claim, if necessary.

Trust Arizona Total Home Restoration to see you smoothly through an AC leaking water that causes water damage. We offer mold testing, mold remediation, and reconstruction services. Call (480) 207-7011 or contact us online for a free consultation. We are here for you 24/7.

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