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Laboratory Testing for Asbestos, Lead, or Mold to Protect Your Health and Safety

Whenever we take on a home damage restoration project, professional sampling and laboratory testing are often necessary. For homes built pre-1981, asbestos testing is required by the EPA. Lead testing is required for homes built in 1978 or older.

Regardless of when your home was built, a test for asbestos or lead paint will let us know the condition of your building materials for an EPA-safe demolition and repair. These toxic materials are still being used in numerous retail and building material products to this day.

If there is no visible mold, but we suspect its presence, mold testing will determine the type and location of the mold as well as the condition of air quality in your home. Mold testing is also performed after a mold remediation is completed to ensure your home's air quality has been returned to a safe level.

Arizona Total Home Restoration provides environmental analytical testing services in a timely and cost-effective manner. We get results ... fast ... to keep your home restoration moving forward.

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Mold Testing

ATH Restoration is an experienced water damage and mold remediator. We follow the EPA's recommendations for mold removal to include mold testing and sampling. In most cases, if you can see visible mold, a test for mold is not necessary until cleanup is complete.

When sampling for mold, we collect the most representative samples possible. Our process may involve scraping or pulling samples using an adhesive from various surfaces in your home. Actual pieces of materials can also be cut, preserved, and sent to the lab. We may dry-swab samples from wet surfaces. And air quality tests (indoors and outdoors) are also taken.

Do not run the HVAC system if you know or suspect that it is contaminated with mold - it could spread mold throughout your home. Learn more about mold remediation.

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Asbestos Testing

Asbestos is common building material that is carefully regulated due to its significant health risks. It cannot be seen with the naked eye. When testing for asbestos, a specific process has been outlined and regulated by the EPA. Testing involves careful sampling and laboratory analysis under Polarized Light Microscopy (PLM).

ATH Restoration is a certified AHERA (Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act of 1986) building inspector. We will test your home for asbestos when appropriate and will perform home damage restoration services in accordance with EPA guidelines. Learn how to protect your family from the dangers of asbestos.

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Lead Paint Testing

Our Lead testing service identifies the lead content in sampled paint chips. If your home was built before 1978, have your home tested for lead and learn about potential lead hazards. Renovations, repair jobs and paint jobs in pre-1978 homes and buildings can create significant amounts of lead-based paint dust.

We are a certified lead-safe contractor and will perform demolition, repair, and renovation of lead-affected damage restoration. ATH Restoration follows EPA standards to ensure our work is done safely, reliably, and effectively.

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Fast, Accurate Testing Services

When you suffer a home disaster such as storm, sewage or other water damage, mold, or fire, Arizona Total Home is your experienced, caring, and responsive home damage restoration company. We also provide certified asbestos abatement services for homeowners and property management.

Our thorough sampling and testing of environmental hazards such as asbestos, lead paint, and mold are offered as both stand-alone services or in conjunction with cleanup, demolition, repair, and reconstruction of your home restoration.

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