Did Your Scottsdale Home Experience Water Damage?


Whether you have a sewage backup, a plumbing leak, or storm damage, treat it as an urgent event. Your first concern is the health and safety of your family.

The water is most likely contaminated with chemicals and hazardous bacteria. Mold spores could pollute air quality as toxic mold grows. And there could be threats from electrical systems or structural integrity. You'll also want to protect your property and belongings from further water damage, which increases the cost of repair, mold remediation and replacement.

ATH Restoration provides 24/7 emergency service (if it's a critical situation, call us day or night). Or schedule a free onsite consultation which involves a thorough inspection, damage assessment, and specific recommendations to move water damage restoration forward.

Scottsdale Bathroom Water Damage

We provided water damage restoration, mold remediation, reconstruction, and remodeling.

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Great company to work with! Highly recommended! Our initial request was responded to afterhours over a weekend with a quick reply and first estimate to check out the house was done very promptly. Nathan is extremely thorough and knowledgeable. He educated me through the process and step by step of what was required. I really appreciated the quick responses and email follow up with photos of the job upon completion. Very professional company!
Eden K.

Scottsdale Water Damage FAQs

When should I call my insurance company?
Be sure to take plenty of pictures and document the discovery, damage, and cleanup of the event. However, it's a good idea to wait to contact your insurance company until we assess the damage. Some water losses are small enough that insurance never needs to be involved. Most insurance companies will flag your record even if you don’t file a claim just because you informed them there was a water loss.

What can I do to help protect my home from storm damage and monsoons?
1) The city may make sand and sandbags available to help residents and property management services protect their property. When available, sandbag information and pickup location will be posted on the city homepage. You can also find sandbags at local hardware or home improvement retailers.

2) Refer to the "Homeowner's Guide to Drainage", City of Scottsdale flood control tip sheet, and the Maricopa County "Reduce Your Flood Risk" and "Surviving the Storm" guides.

Is my Scottsdale home in a flood zone?
Major areas of flooding are Indian Bend Wash, Granite Reef area, areas behind the canals where there is ponding, and the alluvial fans North of the CAP. But you need not live near water to experience flooding, and every home is in a floodplain. You'll want to determine your home location's flood risk (low, medium, or high). To find out if you live in a flood zone, call the Scottsdale Records department at 480-312-2356 or submit a flood hazard property request. The City of Scottsdale will also make a site visit to your property to offer flood protection advice plus historical information on flooding in the area. Call 480-312-7696.

Do I need flood insurance?
Most homeowners insurance does not cover flooding. Because severe weather and flooding can be unpredictable in the desert, Scottsdale urges all residents to consider carrying flood insurance. The city takes part in the National Flood Insurance Program, earning a class 5 rating that provides residents with a flood insurance discount. Check Scottsdale's flood insurance rates map and visit FEMA's FloodSmart website to explore insurance options and get more information.

One tremendous benefit of working with ATH is our insurance services. We advise you on how to prepare a claim, file the claim if you prefer, and we will even bill your insurance company direct. We also offer up to 50% coverage of your insurance deductible.

An Overview of Our Water Damage Restoration Process

- Step 1: Identification and Safety
First, we will confirm the source of the water damage and stop any flooding. We also determine the contamination category. And we communicate safety issues to help you take action as needed.

- Step 2: Extraction and Dry-Out
Next, we remove the water in your home with industrial equipment such as pumps, vacuums, air scrubbers, dehumidifiers, or other extraction tools. A quick dry-out is essential to reducing mold growth and secondary water damage.

- Step 3: Protection and Demolition
At this phase, we salvage the property and belongings we can clean and contain using a contents packout service. And remove contaminated items that cannot be restored. We then complete demolition of destroyed items and materials.

- Step 4: Testing and Cleanup
Cleaning involves antimicrobial, antibacterial, disinfectant treatments, and deodorization. Our preferred product line is Benefect. Professional sampling and laboratory testing ensure we restore a healthy environment (if needed).

- Step 5: Repair and Restoration
We offer reconstruction services from minor repairs to a full build-out as needed to restore your home to pre-flood condition.

Trust Your Scottsdale Home to a Caring, Capable Team

We provide a 3-year workmanship warranty and deductible assistance (we will cover up to 50% of your insurance deductible). Our turnkey solution for water damage repair is the happy ending you deserve, start to finish.

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No matter how large or small the problem, water damage is an upsetting experience. And it's usually not clear what you should do about it. Let us help you form an action plan that takes your home from disaster to safe, healthy, and completely restored quickly and and hassle-free.

ATH Professional Credentials:

  • Licensed, Bonded, Insured
  • Certified Residential and Commercial Mold Inspector
  • EPA Certified Lead Renovator
  • IICRC Certified
  • AHERA Building Inspector
  • Certified AHERA Asbestos Removal
  • Certified Mold Remediator

Nathan and his crew were great. No one likes having to watch part of their house get ripped apart, but they made the process as smooth as possible. They were able to start right away and worked for over 12 hours (in the AZ summer, with no A/C) to get the job done in one day. They were able to expedite the post-abatement air quality test so we didn't have to be without A/C for more than two days. I hope to never have an asbestos issue again, but if I do I will definitely call ATH again.
Brittany P. - Scottsdale, AZ

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