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Are You Dealing With Water Damage in Your Paradise Valley Home?

The dangers of water damage are just as stressful as the event itself and necessitate an urgent response. Categorized as whitewater, gray water, or black water (Cat 1, 2 or 3), all sources of water are, or become, hazardous when not cleaned up in a timely manner. It could be a plumbing leak, a sewage backup, or storm damage.

You'll want to prevent toxic mold growth and stop further harm to your property and belongings. Be sure to watch out for electrical safety concerns, poor air quality, and structural integrity issues. Left unresolved, standing water or moisture also attracts unwanted pests.

Get in touch, let us know what's happened, and we will come out to assess the damage and consult with you free of charge. You'll experience tremendous peace of mind knowing you have professionals caring for your Paradise Valley home.

Arizona Total Home Restoration is fully credentialed, offers emergency service and a 3-year workmanship warranty, plus up to 50% coverage of your insurance deductible. You can count on us to be a trusted ally throughout your water damage restoration project.

Paradise Valley Water Damage Services

We called AZ Total Home to get another quote by someone who was not connected to our insurance company, because our adjusters were being difficult and treating us unfairly regarding water damage that occurred in our home....long story.... Anyway, Nate responded right away and Jacob was out the next day. He said they would give a fair estimate based on what they saw and their experience in kitchen restorations. Jacob sent over an estimate the next day! Our insurance company even called to ask them questions and they were consistent and fair with their recommendations. It was a pleasure and relief to work with them compared to the experience we had so far with other companies! I would recommend them the anyone!
Jennifer D.

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Paradise Valley Water Damage FAQs

When should I call my insurance company?
It's a good idea to wait until we come out to assess the water damage. Some water losses are small enough that insurance never needs to be involved. Most insurance companies will put a mark on your record even if you don’t file a claim just because you informed them there was a water loss.

What can I do to help protect my home from storm damage and monsoons?
View the Paradise Valley Emergency Preparedness guide. Maricopa County recommends using sand bags as temporary protection (see sand bag map) and also provides a detailed "Reduce Your Flood Risk" guide. You can also view our Arizona Monsoon Preparation article and browse the "Storm Preparation and Recovery" guide.

Did you know that the Town of Paradise Valley Police Department offers a Vacation Watch program? Consider signing up for this program if you are leaving your home temporarily unoccupied.

Is my Paradise Valley home in a floodplain?
Use the Maricopa County Floodplain Viewer to see if your property is within a floodplain. You can also check the Maricopa County flood map.

Do I need flood insurance?
All homes are at risk for flooding (rated low, medium, or high) even if they aren't located near water. And most homeowner policies do not cover flooding from ground water, so you'll need a separate policy. Paradise Valley partners with Maricopa County in the National Flood Insurance Program through FEMA - which earns you a policy discount. Browse the county's Flood Insurance guide or FEMA's FloodSmart resource.

Experienced and Expertly Credentialed Across Arizona

ATH Professional Credentials:

  • Licensed, Bonded, Insured
  • Certified Residential and Commercial Mold Inspector
  • EPA Certified Lead Renovator
  • IICRC Certified
  • AHERA Building Inspector
  • Certified AHERA Asbestos Removal
  • Certified Mold Remediator
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Step-by-Step Water Damage Restoration Process

- Step 1: Identification and Safety
First, we will confirm the source of the water damage and stop any flooding. We also determine the contamination category. And we communicate safety issues to help you take action as needed.

- Step 2: Extraction and Dry-Out
Next, we remove the water in your home with industrial equipment such as pumps, vacuums, air scrubbers, dehumidifiers, or other extraction tools. A quick dry-out is essential to reducing mold growth and secondary water damage.

- Step 3: Protection and Demolition
At this phase, we salvage the property and belongings we can clean and contain using a contents packout service. And remove contaminated items that cannot be restored. We then complete demolition of destroyed items and materials.

- Step 4: Testing and Cleanup
Cleaning involves antimicrobial, antibacterial, disinfectant treatments, and deodorization. Our preferred product line is Benefect. Professional sampling and laboratory testing ensure we restore a healthy environment (if needed).

- Step 5: Repair and Restoration
We offer reconstruction services from minor repairs to a full build-out as needed to restore your home to pre-flood condition.

We had a leak from our upstairs tub late one afternoon. I called the next morning and they arrived within half an hour. They quoted the job, and set up the fan and de-humidifier within the hour. They came back 3 days later, repaired the drywall, textured and painted in the morning. Great job. Repair is awesome - in fact it looks better than it did before. I was really pleased with the work they did. It gave me peace of mind that we have avoided any mold issues.
Jayne R.

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Water damage is an upsetting experience - no matter how large or small the problem. Besides your health and safety, we focus on speed, consistent communication, and exceptional customer service throughout the restoration project to get your life back to normal as soon as possible.

Contact us for water damage restoration services in Paradise Valley and surrounding areas.

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