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What To Do About Water Damage In Your Mesa Home?

Water damage is an urgent event due to health, safety, and financial concerns. Your home may experience ongoing property damage, toxic mold growth, or threats from electrical systems and structural integrity. Any type of water damage should be addressed right away whether a plumbing leak, storm damage, or sewage backup.

Your goals are to a) protect your family, b) preserve your property and belongings, and c) implement an action plan for water damage restoration.

Get in touch with Arizona Total Home Restoration and let us know what's happened. We offer 24/7 emergency service and a free onsite consultation to assess the damage and recommend next steps. Call (480) 207-7011 or schedule an appointment.

Nathan is outstanding! I had a concern about a previous company and the product they used and the impact to my health. He drove down to my condo with a sample of the product to let me see if it was the same one and then inspected the room to ensure it was safe!!! AMAZING. I am so happy he put my fears at ease since the previous company was acting weird about the situation and wouldn't let me see the product they used. This man is so kind and I would not hesitate to refer him or call him again if I ever need his companies services. A+ THANK YOU!
Whitney P. - Mesa, AZ

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Mesa Water Damage FAQs

When should I call my insurance company?
Take photos and keep notes to document the loss. But, unless your water damage is significant, we recommend you wait to contact your insurance company until we evaluate the damage. It may be best for you to avoid an insurance claim (or even letting your insurance company know about it) for smaller water losses. We can help you mitigate this process.

How do I protect my home from storm damage and monsoons?
1) The city of Mesa provides free sandbags available at seven locations (bring your own shovel):
• Fire Station 202, 830 S. Stapley Dr.
• Fire Station 204, 1426 S. Extension Rd.
• Fire Station 205, 730 S. Greenfield Rd.
• Fire Station 209, 7035 E. Southern Ave.
• Fire Station 212, 2430 E. Ellsworth Rd.
• Transportation Department Building, 300 E. 6th St. (west side of building)
• East Mesa Service Center, 3965 E.Decatur St. (front parking lot)

2) You can also review the following guides:
ATH Arizona Monsoon Preparation guide.
The City of Mesa Sandbag and Storm Preparation and Severe Weather guides.
Maricopa County's comprehensive "Surviving the Storm" guide.

Do I need a flood insurance policy?
Most homeowners' policies do not cover flooding or related water damage. You can get coverage through your own insurance company or find a flood insurance provider through FEMA. Maricopa County takes part in the National Flood Insurance Program, which may earn you a discount.

Is my Mesa home in a flood zone?
All homes are in a floodplain, whether low, medium, or high-risk. You need not live near water. To find out your home's flood risk, check Maricopa County Floodplain Map or the FEMA Flood Insurance Rate Map.

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Mesa Popcorn Ceiling Removal - Asbestos Abatement

Why Trust The Professionals At ATH?

We stand by our work with a 3-year workmanship warranty and insurance mitigation, including deductible assistance (up to 50% of your insurance deductible). We also maintain the highest certifications and use environmentally friendly products such as Benefect.

Professional Credentials for Your Protection

  • Licensed, Bonded, and Insured
  • Certified Residential and Commercial Mold Inspector
  • EPA Certified Lead Renovator
  • IICRC Certified
  • AHERA Building Inspector
  • Certified AHERA Asbestos Removal, including popcorn ceilings
  • Certified Mold Remediator

Water Damage Services for Mesa Homeowners

Water damage can be a traumatic, stressful event in your life. And you deserve a happy ending. Besides a caring, compassionate, and experienced team, you'll appreciate our turnkey solution so you don't have to deal with multiple companies and timelines.

A Deeper Dive Into Our Water Restoration Process

- Step 1: Identification and Safety
First, we will confirm the source of the water damage and stop any flooding. We also determine the contamination category. And we communicate safety issues to help you take action as needed.

- Step 2: Extraction and Dry-Out
Next, we remove the water in your home with industrial equipment such as pumps, vacuums, air scrubbers, dehumidifiers, or other extraction tools. A quick dry-out is essential to reducing mold growth and secondary water damage.

- Step 3: Protection and Demolition
At this phase, we salvage the property and belongings we can clean and contain using a contents packout service. And remove contaminated items that cannot be restored. We then complete demolition of destroyed items and materials.

- Step 4: Testing and Cleanup
Cleaning involves antimicrobial, antibacterial, disinfectant treatments, and deodorization. Our preferred product line is Benefect. Professional sampling and laboratory testing ensure we restore a healthy environment (if needed).

- Step 5: Repair and Restoration
We offer reconstruction services from minor repairs to a full build-out as needed to restore your home to pre-flood condition.

Restore Your Home, Health, and Safety

We're ready to provide you with information, guidance, and peace of mind. A professional restoration can prevent mold growth and further property damage by quickly and effectively removing water and humidity. Rely on ATH for fair pricing, consistent communication, and over-the-top customer service.

What an amazing company! I can't believe how professional and knowledgeable Nate was. He explained the entire process from start to finish and was always available for me whenever I needed him I would highly recommend them for any water damage or mold removal project.
Mary D.

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